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Middle School Construction Project Update


Thanks to the support of our wonderful community, we are moving forward with the construction of a new Middle School.  We have an address – 415 Circle F Trail!  The project is currently out to bid.  The bids will be opened on February 25, starting at 4:00 PM in the Monforton School Library.  Once the lowest responsible bids are accepted and a guaranteed maximum price is negotiated, we will be ready to get to work.  Keep a look out for ground breaking ceremony information in the coming weeks!


In great news for our taxpayers, the bond pricing came back favorably for the school district.  When the marketing was circulated during the initial campaign, the district projected a possible 4.02% interest rate.  The interest rate we locked in came in at 2.8993%, a savings of over $717,000 in interest payments during the life of the bond.  We anticipated needing 49.24 mills to fund the yearly payments on the bond, but will only be requiring 45.98 mills to cover debt service.  We are excited about being able to pass this information along to our taxpayers.

Monforton School New Middle School Bond Campaign Voter Information click here for more information. Administration & Board
The Monforton School District is asking voters to support a bond request for $7,100,000, which, combined with funds the District has accumulated in grants and mitigation fees from developers will build a new middle school building of approximately 30,000 square feet.  http://www.kbzk.com/story/30097836/monforton-looks-to-future-with-a-71-million-bond-request

Please click on the Election Notice file below for updated voter registration. 
 School District and Rural Fire District Elections will be held May 3, 2016.

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