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Monforton School District 27 is a K-8 public school district located just west of Bozeman, Montana in the Four Corners area. 

How Monforton School Spent Summer Vacation

September, 2011 by Lynne Scalia, Superintendent

Welcome to the 2011-2012 Monforton school year!  Parents, staff, and our construction crew are to be complimented on the smooth opening of school amidst construction, the largest enrollment in Monforton history, and new parking arrangements.  Thank you for your courtesy and cooperation.  It is greatly appreciated.

 It is still a common belief that when the school year ends for kids that it also ends for the adults.  This is never the case here at Monforton and the summer of 2011 was especially eventful.  The following is how Monforton School spent its summer vacation.

Monforton School spent the summer growing!  Construction commenced immediately after school ended.  R & R Taylor Construction is our contractor; they are working to deliver a quality project while being sensitive to our hope of getting into the new classrooms as soon as possible.    The “Growing Together” addition and renovation will be completed by the start of next school year.  Remember that there are two undesignated days built into the calendar this school year which will be moving days.  As soon as we know these dates, you will be alerted.

 For half of June and half of July the school was inhabited by 65 K-8 Wildcats who attended four weeks of summer school/camp.  Students were engaged in reading, math, art, and humanities.  This program is primarily funded by a grant from United Way. 

 The office staff stayed incredibly busy this summer.  June is the month for ending closing out the fiscal year and preparing for the next.  New books, computers, materials and supplies were ordered, received and inventoried.  Ms. Ortmeier closed out grants, budgets and Monforton’s many various funds.  We were especially grateful to see taxpayers catch up on late taxes.  When taxes are in arrears, the school runs short of cash.   The sale of our top taxpayer, Black Bull, meant that the school received nearly three years of back taxes, which was an incredible relief.  In July and August, Ms. Ortmeier was readying budgets for 2011-2012.   

 In the area of Technology, Mr. Hamley and Mr. Nisbet got our new student information database – Infinite Campus - up and running.  Teachers spent time at the school being trained, and Mrs. Roos and Mrs. Torgerson manually entered all student information into the database.  The middle school and 3-5th grades will begin using the parent portal, so that parents and students can access grades, absences, missed assignments, etc.   Grades K-2 will go online with assessment information and progress reports next year.  We also thank Mr. Hamley and Mr. Nisbet for their work on bus route efficiency and student safety.

 In June, July, and August, teachers and administrators worked on the middle school writing curriculum, incorporated a new RTI skills class into the middle school and revamped exploratory course offerings.  Teachers and staff also worked on major alterations to our discipline procedures. 

 Mr. Stahl, our head custodian, Mr. Cantrell and the summer crew, took on facilities and grounds projects.  Wildcat Field is now identified with white rocks.  Trees and bushes were thinned and/or removed.  The bridge on the walking path was painted and paths were cleaned and cleared.  The Crossroads Church at Four Corners brought volunteers from Florida to paint, clear, and clean the tunnel areas.  The path to Middle Creek subdivision was also mowed and cleaned by Mr. Stahl’s crews.

 Teachers attended conferences and took classes. Mrs. Adkins had her baby, Alice Elizabeth Adkins, on August 18th (the night after an earlier meeting at Monforton!) and Mrs. Flack’s baby born last spring, Luke Gregory Flack, got his first taste of Monforton as Mrs. Flack worked with Mrs. MacFarland and Mrs. Lawn on Wildcat Workshops (the new name for After-School All Stars) and Mentors for Monforton. 

 Mr. Nisbet and Mr. Robidou updated various aspects of our sports programs, hired fantastic coaches, and planned an additional session of Adult and Community Education (ACE) this year.  The Monforton School athletic program is a gem which enjoys lots of student participation and is a gem of which the Four Corners community can be quite proud.

 Fundraising, Monforton Miles, and the Monforton School Foundation’s work continued throughout the summer.  The Dave Ressler family donated a 3 yr. lease on a Chevy Malibu and 8th graders had a full fundraising calendar selling raffle tickets, working concessions, and planning an upcoming golf tournament. 

 The Ressler family opened up their racetrack for the new 10 mile race of the Monforton Miles 2011.  The Monforton Miles 2011 (5k, 10 mile, & 1 mile free kids run) is this Saturday, Sept. 17th and a dedicated committee worked throughout the summer, obtaining nearly $15,000 sponsorships for the athletic program and planning the race.  Jay Powers, Monforton Miles Race Director, is our hero, for his incredible planning, energy and motivation.  This is a great experience for the Four Corners and Bozeman community, but especially for Monforton kids.  Willy the Wildcat has been in training this summer and will be ready to challenge the human Wildcats in the 1-mile free fun run. 

 Work also progressed on Safe Routes to School and the 4 Corners Trails and Transportation Coalition.  Tamzin Brown is our hero for her years of Safe Routes to School planning and successful grant submissions.  The grants we have received now move us from planning to being able to apply for funds for infrastructure – that means trails!  We have been talking with landowners and neighborhood associations in order to get connecting trails.  More to come…  Please join us for Walk to School Day on Friday morning, September 16.

 As the summer wore on, a steady stream of new students enrolled at Monforton.  We had predicted an enrollment of 245 for this year.  As of 9/14/11, we have an enrollment of 254 after ending last year with 232 students. We received many calls and visits from parents wanting to enroll at Monforton School.  We had parents come in to look at Monforton School District boundary maps so that they could look at purchasing or renting a home at Four Corners.  Less than two weeks before school started Mrs. Robbins moved into the Music/Band room, Miss Henderson became a first grade teacher, and Mrs. Stacey and Mrs. Lilly both became full-time teachers at Monforton instead of half-time.   These teachers are heroes.  Mr. Johnson is also a hero for agreeing to be kicked out of the Music/Band Room and instead move from classroom to classroom. 

 We welcome our new families and our new staff members.  Kristi Knaub is our 6th grade and Social Studies teacher.  Amber Boyd is our Special Education teacher.  Tom Vanderbeck  is filling in for Mrs. Adkins during her maternity leave.  Maggie Kuhlman and Teresa Nostrant are playground supervisors.  Changes in roles also occurred this year.  Seth Ring will introduce 4th and 5th graders to Spanish one day a week.  Marianne Filloux has added a Creative Writing course for middle school students.   Alec Nisbet, due to growth in enrollment, is now full-time principal.  Although still also principal and superintendent, the superintendency duties increasingly occupy my time.

 Monforton School had an active and rich summer “vacation.”  We are going into the year filled to capacity.  After the new addition is done, it will again be time to plan for the next phase of growth.  Your support, your involvement, and your suggestions are welcome and encouraged.