6th Grade Social Studies

Unit 5: Ancient Greece
Current Assignment: Ancient Greek Olympics Web Quest!
Side 1: Fact Sheet on the Olympics.  Using your textbook on pages 181-183 and this link to answer the front side of the sheet.
Side 2: 5 Days of the Olympics

Unit 4: Ancient Egypt

Current Assignments:
1. Ancient Egypt Web Quest
When Finished with writing and social classes, go here: Build a pyramid!

Unit 3: Ancient Mesopotamia

Unit Resources and Enrichment Opportunities:

1. Geography of Mesopotamia
Check out this interactive map!

2. Mesopotamia Web Quest: Proving the first Civilization
Task: Use evidence to prove that Mesopotamia really was the first civilization!
Directions: Use the links below to read about each element of civilization related to Mesopotamia.  Then, fill in details from each site in the blank space in your chart. 
        1. Writing
  • Extra: Write your name in cuneiform!  Click here to transcribe different messages.

2. Social Classes / Job Specialization

5. Government
6. Arts and Architecture

Just for fun! Flocabulary: Fertile Crescent