News From Second Grade

posted Feb 29, 2012, 8:56 AM by Nikki Robbins   [ updated Feb 29, 2012, 8:56 AM by Jennifer MacFarlane ]

Our class has been very busy leading up to Spring Break! In science, students have been learning about liquids and solids. First, the class explored the properties of liquids and solids—the characteristics of materials that we can see, feel, hear, smell, and taste. The second-graders then came to realize that liquids take the shape of the containers they’re in, while solids keep their shapes. We even looked at the atoms of solids and liquids to see why this happens! New vocabulary was introduced, and it is fun hearing our students use these words during lessons: viscous, transparent, translucent, flexible, and rigid. Students were able to test their knowledge on these two websites:

            We are now observing bits and pieces of solids—how they similar to and different from the liquids—and mixtures. At home, look for different solids and liquids. What happens when solids and liquids are put together? How do the solids and liquids change? Many examples can be found while cooking! Coming up after Spring Break in science: the study of solar energy!

We have some fun learning activities leading up to Spring Break. This Friday, March 2nd, is Dr.Seuss’ birthday. To celebrate his life, we will enjoy several Dr.Seuss books and writing activities. Coming soon, we will embark in a study of manatees!

In other news, our class took a mini-field trip to our new classroom! We will be moving in this next week. As a reminder, there will be no school for K-2 on March 8th or 9th for moving. Enjoy the extra time off! We hope you have a fantastic Spring Break and come back to school refreshed for the next adventures!