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4th Grade

4th grade is a big year for students in the music world. They receive their first instrument: the recorder.  I know this is a year many parents seem to dread, but hopefully, with the proper background knowledge in place and my firm insistence on "the best sound possible", students will be playing the recorder more as an instrument than a toy.  The recorder is a very historical instrument and should be treated with as much respect as the flute or the oboe.  Simply because students all seem to learn recorder early on doesn't mean that it is a lesser instrument. Remind your child of that if they seem to be playing it just to make noise.  

4th grade year is also a big year because of the final month of school. During the months of May-June, I plan on testing the students to see which instrument they should play the following fall.  Once students know what they're instrument is, they are encouraged to rent it as soon as possible and start playing over the summer. I will also be around to provide FREE and REGULAR lessons to my soon-to-be 5th graders during the summer. I want to be able to hit the ground running come 5th grade year!