April 23rd - April 27th

posted Apr 19, 2012, 1:33 PM by Hank Bechard
Let's Welcome Madison Back!!!!!

3rd graders are starting a new and last theme for this year.  Wow how time flies!!! Theme 6 is called "Discoveries".  This week we will be reading a section out of one of my favorite books, Charlotte's Web.  Our phonics skill that we will be working on is the suffixes -tion and -sion.  By the end of this week your child will be able to identify and pronounce words ending in -tion and -sion.  Our focus skill this week is making inferences.  Students will use what the author tells them and what they already know to make an inference.  In grammar we will be studying irregular verbs.  For example: ran, drove, brought, thought, came, ate, found, etc....  This week we will be writing a set of directions using steps one-by-one and time order words.  

Vocabulary Words: bristly, dreadful, adamant, inevitable, summoning, nuisance, sedentary, oblige, boasting, sway

In Math we will continue to multiply two digit number by two digit numbers using lattice and partial products method.  We will be revisiting negative and positive numbers as well.  On Tuesday we will be taking end of the unit assessment, so keep an eye out for the test and a family letter about the next unit on measurement and data.  We will be exploring weight, volume, and capacity.  

We are also switching gears from simple machines in science to Bozeman History.  The third graders will be learning about vocabulary, pioneers that made an impact in the Bozeman area, event that took place, and even some architecture.  To help us with this concept we will be taking four field trips touring different parts of our wonderful city.  Our first field trip is to the Museum of the Rockies on April 26th.  I will need to get all the permission slips sign by this date.