April 2nd - April 5th (Parent/Teacher Conferences) Yikes!!!

posted Mar 30, 2012, 2:57 PM by Hank Bechard   [ updated Mar 30, 2012, 3:07 PM ]

That's right it parent/teacher conferences this week.  Remember that it is half days on Wednesday, April 4th and Thursday, April 5th.  Also there is NO school Friday, April 6th, but there is school on Monday.  In communication arts this week the third grades will be reading a fantasy story  called "Chestnut Cove" in their reading series.  Our focus skill this week is cause and effect.  Understanding that cause is why something happens and the effect is what happens as a result of a cause will help the third graders and their comprehension skills.  In phonics we are working with the prefixes: pre- means "before", in- means "not", and mis- means "badly or wrongly".  We will continue to work with verbs in grammar, but concentrating with present-tense verbs.

Vocabulary: eagerly, transferred, contented, collaborate, fondness, emotion, ridiculous, disgraceful, decent, and inherit

In math we are identifying factors of whole numbers, reinforcing the link between multiplication and division.  We will be playing Factor Bingo to practice identifying factors. There will be only two days of homework due to parent/teacher conferences.  3rd graders continue to learn about simple machines.  This week we will finish up learning about the lever and its three parts: load, fulcrum and effort.  Students will get introduced to the screw, and they will see the relationship between the screw and incline planes.