December 10th - January 2nd

posted Dec 11, 2012, 1:51 PM by Hank Bechard

During the week of December 10th - December 14th we will be having a pretty regular school week.  In communication arts we will be reading A Pen Pal for Max.  It is about a boy who lives on a fruit farm in Chile.  The boy gets a pen pal that lives in the United States.  During the story the boy, Max, has a problem and then there is a solution.  This is our focus skill for this week - Plot.  Students are identifying plot events and reconizing cause-and-effect relationships in literary texts.  Our phonics skill this week are words that contain consonant digraphs.  These words have the kn, gn, wr, and gh in them. In grammar we are working on pronouns.  We are identifying singular and plural pronouns such as we, you, us, they, them, I, he, she, him, her.  Third graders will be writing a realistic story during the week.  This story includes characters and settings that could be real and events that could happen.

Vocabulary: deciphered, mistaken catastrophe, fortunate, translate, bothersome, dodging, din, heaving, and repairs.  

Our new math unit we are working VERY large numbers.  We will extend previous lessons on the base-ten place-value system to whole numbers through millions and decimals through thousandths.

We have moved on to social studies and we have been learning about the different types of governments: local, county, state, and national. We will be preparing for next week's test.

The following week is a short week because our last day is December 19th.  Just a reminder that the Holiday Concert is December 18th @ 7:00.  During this week we will be wrapping up a few of our units.  We will have a social studies test on Tuesday.  Have a wonderful holiday break and I will be excited to see your third grader on January 3rd:-)