March 26th - March 30th

posted Mar 23, 2012, 2:14 PM by Hank Bechard
This week in our reading series we will be reading an informational narrative called "Bat Loves the Night."  Students will be using comprehension strategies such as sequence and figuring out the author's purpose to help them understand the story.  In phonics we will be working on more vowel variants that make the awe sound (o, augh, aw, al, and ough).  In grammar we are shifting from verbs to main verbs and helping verbs.  We will be writing summary paragraphs in our writing unit.

Vocabulary: blanketed, surroundings, plummet, inverted, nocturnal, effort, dozes, swoops, detail, fluttering

In Math we will continue to be working on multiplying two digit number times one digit.  We will be using expanded notation for this so parents be patient please!!!!  

We are switching from social studies to science.   In science your third grader will be learning about the six simple machines.  To help us with this concept we will be using legos.  Every other day we will learn and experiment one of the six simple machines.  So parents please quiz you third grader about this machines.