May 14th - May 18th

posted May 11, 2012, 9:05 AM by Hank Bechard   [ updated May 11, 2012, 9:36 AM ]
Happy Mother's Day!!!

We are wrapping up our Bozeman History this week. Our last field trip is on the 15th to the Pioneer Museum.  We will be leaving the school around 12:30.  You don't want to miss this one!  After finishing up with Bozeman History on Tuesday, we will be back to science.  We will be studying animals and their behaviors.  This is a great unit because we will be inviting three different animals into our class and the third graders will be studying their behaviors.  

In our reading series we will be reading an expository nonfiction story called "The Planets".  Students will be reading about our solar system and the planets.  In phonics we will be working with words that have the prefixes: bi- (twice, two), non- (not or without), and over- (more than or above).  We are continuing working with making predictions for our focus skill.  Third graders will be using the KWL chart to help them with this skill.  (What I Know, What I Want to Know, and What I Learned).  In grammar we will be reviewing capitalization.  Students will use correct capitalization in sentences.  Students will be writing a paragraph that contrast.  They will be identifying two things and contrasting them in a paragraph.

Vocabulary: rotates, surface, steady, reflects, appears, evidence, distinct, slightly, infinite, and expansive.

In math students are going to be introduced to the mean of a set of data and reviewing the median.  We will be calculating the mean of a set of data as well.  As we use the calculator we going to be learning the memory keys on the calculator.