October 1st - October 5th

posted Sep 28, 2012, 12:35 PM by Hank Bechard

It is getting a little scary in the third grade as the month of October begins.  If anybody has ideas or would like to volunteer for our Halloween Party at the end of the month, please stop by and talk to me.  This week your third grader will be participating in the first annual JOG-A-THON on Friday October 5th.  Students will be raising money for Monforton School Foundation.  For more information, you will be receiving a packet on Friday September 28th or please call our school.

For this week in our reading series we will be reading "Ellen Ochoa, Astronaut".  This is a biography of a woman who worked hard to reach some big goals.  Our phonic skill this week are plural words that end -s and -es.  Students will be able to add and recognize these words.  We continue to work on locating information in our focus skill.  Students identify different parts of a book: table of contents, heading, glossary, and index.  In grammar third graders will be using compound subject-verb agreement correctly in their speech and writing.  Also we will use compound subjects and predicates in sentences.  Third graders will be writing a biography paragraph this week.  We will chose a person to write about, so there is a good chance that your child will be asking you questions about yourself.  

Vocabualry: persevere, invention, confidence, hinder, talented, disappointed, apply, ambitious, attain, search

In math we are continuing working on basic facts to using extended facts.  Along with this, we will be solving number stories. Students will use part-and-total diagrams, change diagram, and comparison diagrams.  During social studies we are learning about map skills, the history of a community, and time lines.  To help us with our map skills, students will be making a map of their community.  The maps will include a title, compass rose, map key and a distance scale.