October 29th - November 2nd

posted Oct 26, 2012, 10:26 AM by Hank Bechard

Happy Halloween!!!! We will be having a Halloween Party on October 31st.  We will start out having our annual Halloween Parade at 2:15, then the party will follow.  Student may dress up AFTER lunch.  Please don't send your third grader with any costumes that are gory or distracting.  

This week we will be reading a selection about a police dog that is trained to do special jobs for the police force.  Students will be thinking about how animals can be helpful to humans.  This selection is called "Aero and Officer Mike".  Students will be working on the digraphs: ch, tch, sh, and wh during the phonics lesson.  The objective is to pronounce and spell words with these letter patterns.  Our focus skill is fact and opinion.  Third graders will be able to distinguish between facts and opinion.  A fact is something that can be proven and an opinion is someone's idea, feeling, or thought about a topic.  Also during our focus skill we will be working with synonyms and antonyms.  In grammar we will be working on common and proper nouns.  Students will be able to use these nouns correctly in speech and writing.  During writing we will be drafting a How-to Paragraph.  These paragraphs will include  a topic sentence, materials needed, and will explain details, in order, how to do a specific activity.

In math we will be using basic facts to find perimeter.  Students will be building polygons out of straws and adding up all the sides to figure out the perimeter.  We will also be drawing and using arrays to help us find the are a rectangles.  This is the start of multiplication!!!