September 17th- 21st

posted Sep 17, 2012, 9:11 AM by Hank Bechard

Our first real week went well and all the students are working hard!  In our reading series this week we will be reading The Day Eddie Met the Author.  It is about what happens when an author visits a school.  The phonics lesson this week is about root words ending with -ed and -ing.  Third graders will be able to recognize and read words with these endings.  The focus skill this week is, once again, characters and setting.  Students will be able to identify characters and setting and link them to story events.  Understanding events will help them with comprehension.  Last week in grammar we worked on statement and question sentences.  This week we are working on the other two types: commands and exclamations.  During our writing block we will be writing interview questions.  Once we have drafted questions students will ask them to a specific classmate.

Vocabulary: conquer, resistance, ponder, anticipation, assembly, plenty, dismiss, squirmed, patchwork, and autographed

In this first math unit we are reviewing different concepts and skills.  This week third graders will be finding the differences between pairs of numbers, reviewing calculator skills, review money amounts with coins, and explore number patterns.  During lesson 4 in social studies, the third graders will be able to identify laws in the community and understand why we have them.  Wednesday will be a review day and students will take their books home to study for the test on Thursday.