September 24th - September 29th

posted Sep 21, 2012, 2:13 PM by Hank Bechard
Last week of September already!!!! The school year is just flying bye....

The phonic skill for this week is long vowel digraphs.  These digraphs include words with ee, ea; ai ay; oa, ow. Our focus skill is locating information.  Students identify parts of a book to predict what the book will be about.  In grammar we will be understanding subjects and predicates in a sentences.  Students will be able to identify the simple and complete subject and predicate of the sentence.  Third graders will be writing a paragraph of information.  Their paragraph will give facts about real things, include details, and use transition words.  

Vocabulary: proper, boarding, literacy, diverse, chore, certain, resource, culture, tutor, and uniform.

If you notice that your child is having difficulty on their Friday weekly test, please come in and I can show you and your child different activities to help with that specific skill.

In math third graders will be solving number patterns.  They will be using addition and subtraction to complete Frames-and-Arrows diagrams.  In Tuesday we will be having our first math assessment.  Along with their math test, students will be bringing home a family letter Tuesday night.  Keep an eye out for this because it will explain what we will be doing for the next unit, vocabulary, and an answer key.  The main topic for unit 2 are addition and subtraction of whole numbers, number stories, and computation with multi digit numbers.

Our first social studies test went very well.  This is usually very difficult for third graders because they have never taken a social studies test.  Next unit we will be still working with communities.  First we will be understanding where on earth is their community.  Then, we fill find out that communities come in different sizes.  They will compare and contrast cities, suburbs, and rural areas.