16 January 2013

posted Jan 16, 2013, 7:41 AM by Andrea Feige   [ updated Sep 18, 2017, 10:47 AM by Tish Ivie ]
It's been a while since an update, and a lot has happened!

With the start of the new trimester, Monforton introduced a "gardening only" class.  There are 6 students in the class.  The goal for this trimester is to develop a cafeteria to compost program.  On the 25th, the gardening class students will go between grades K-5 demonstrating and talking about what compost is, how to compost, why we should compost, and how Monforton is going to start composting.  The program will get it's first test run the week of January 28th.  Starting then, we will have two cafeteria volunteers to help the student separate their lunch left overs.  After that, we will weight the total amount of compostable waste and do a weekly measurement of how much waste the school will be composting!

Of course, this wouldn't even been feasible if we didn't have an awesome kitchen staff that are completely supportive of the idea and letting us add one more thing to the chaos of lunch.  Thanks Dana and Dan!

On the side, we have been talking about the importance of nutrients and knowing from where we get our food.  We have also painted terra cotta pots and started growing marigolds!