27 March 2013

posted Mar 27, 2013, 9:28 AM by Andrea Feige   [ updated Sep 18, 2017, 10:47 AM by Tish Ivie ]
3rd trimester has begun and the garden is starting to see some life!

Last month the composting committee collected a total of 60 pounds of compostable material from the cafeteria.  That's more than some of our elementary students weigh!

I am very excited for this trimester! Some of our seedlings (broccoli and dill) have begun growing.  We also gotten our peppers and thyme started and are just waiting to see the buds sprout!


A month back, I asked for donations of newspaper from the staff and community members.  Thank you to everyone who has donated!  With the newspaper, we created our own seed starting cups, which look like this:

They have definitely been an interesting idea.  There is some issue with the newspaper molding if the containers are kept too close together, mostly because of the amount of moisture the newspaper seems to hold.  We also learned that we have to either have the dirt nearly to the brim, or to cut back the top so that the sunlight doesn't get blocked out by the edge of the newspaper.  Many of our broccoli seedlings were "leggy" (meaning they grew too much, too fast) and couldn't support the weight of their first leaves, or cotyledons.  

But, the great thing about a garden is that learning is all through trial and error and for every error you become all the wiser.

Using the money from the 4% Day Grant from the Bozeman Co-Op, we were able to buy all the seeds we could possibly need/want for this year's garden!

Our selection for this summer will include:
      • Sweet Pepper King Of The North - Heirloom - Baker Creek (Mansfield, Missouri)
      • Broccoli, De Cicco - Organic, Heirloom - Irish Eyes Garden Seeds (Ellensburg, Washington)
      • Lettuce, Buttercrunch - Fisher's Garden Store (Belgrade, Montana)
      • Spinach, Strawberry Spinach - Seed Savers Exchange (Decorah, IA) 
      • Mammoth Dill - Organic, Heirloom - Irish Eyes Garden Seeds (Ellensburg, Washington)
      • Thyme - Fisher's Garden Store (Belgrade, Montana)
      • Cilantro - Organic, Heirloom -  Irish Eyes Garden Seeds (Ellensburg, Washington)
      • Sunflower, Black Mammoth - Organic - Irish Eyes Garden Seeds (Ellensburg, Washington)
      • Fragrant Wildflower Mix - Beauty Beyond Believe Wildflower Seeds (Boulder, Colorado)
          • This package of seeds contains: Evening Primrose, Scarlet Sage, Virginia Stock, Sweet Sultan, Fragrant Plains Daisy, Lemon Mint, Sweet Alyssum, Sweet William Pinks, Wallflower, Flour O'Clock, Lemon Balm, Mignonette, Sweet Penstemon, Smoke Plant, Sweet Pea, Evening Scented Stock
Finally, we have also used the 4% Day Grant to purchase an indoor seed starting kit (lamp, table, a few seed trays, heated mat, etc).  I'm learning very quickly that the growing season in Montana is much shorter than the one that I am used to in South Dakota....so time is of the essence! This will also help with the issue of "leggy" plants.

The gardening class meets on Fridays from 1:30-2:30pm.  If you are interested in volunteering to help take care of the garden over the summer, please feel free to drop me a line