Monforton Garden - A History

In the Fall of 2010, the Monforton Wellness Committee began planning and conceptualizing the Monforton Garden. When the weather turned warmer, early Spring 2011, community volunteers and businesses donated materials and time to build four raised garden beds on the playground. A few weeks later, the After School Program and other students planted the first garden at Monforton School. Community volunteers and students cared for the garden throughout the summer with the help of the maintenance supervisor Andy.  This year, Mrs. Robbins second grade class planted garlic bulbs that overwintered in the ground and started growing early spring 2012.  This garlic will be harvested summer 2012 while other crops planted by the 1st, 2nd, and 5th graders will be harvested in Fall 2012.  A variety of Monforton families are volunteering with summer maintenance and construction.



Throughout the spring, Mrs. Knaub's Leadership and Student Council students have been working on a plan for a school wide composting program. This program has the potential to create a healthy school ecosystem by reducing the amount of compostable waste sent to the landfill and creating compost to enhance garden soils.  Then program will also raise environmental awareness among all Monforton students while enhancing science curriculums.  


Continuing through the 2012-13 school year, students will have access local vegetables, increase environmental awareness, and experience enhanced learning environments through the Monforton Garden. Having access to the garden at recess also peaks interest in the natural world and increases nutrition through a willingness to eat vegetables. 

All funds and materials used to start this project over the past two years were through grants and individual donations.  Thank you to all Monforton families and community members who have given time to the garden program. The National Gardening Association-awarded Monforton school the 2012 Youth Garden Grant a $500 Home Depot gift card (used to purchase materials to begin the school wide composting program).  Monforton School has also been awarded the Community Food Co-op 4% Day Grant for January 2013 to develop Farm to School education and purchase local vegetables from Three Hearts Ranch.  These funds will help to jump start the program, and ensure sustainability.