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Adult Education

Fall 2015/2016 Course Offerings
Please register by filling out the form to the right. Please make checks payable to Monforton School, and bring it with you the first day.

Zumba:    $35/Month, ongoing 

  • Tuesday:  Abs and Zumba 6-7:30
  • Wed:  Zumba:-  6:30-7:30
  • Thur:  Abs and Zumba- 6:00- 7:30 
  • Sat:  11:00-12:30- Zumba 

Zumba incorporates basic Latin dance moves such as salsa, cha cha, rumba, cumbia, samba, mambo and merengue, the form has evolved and now includes moves from country line dancing, disco, hip-hop, swing, etc…. It is a combination of Latin and international dance music combined with aerobic moves, and is changing the way many people view exercise. You spend an hour and you don’t realize that you are exercising. It is a mix of easy to follow dance steps and rhythms that provide a complete workout. It is just fun fun fun, what else can I say?? In fact you don’t need to have a dancing background, and still benefit from Zumba.

Based on interval training, it combines fast high-energy moves and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body. You burn calories without knowing it. Zumba is the perfect solution for controlling stress for all ages. If you hate to exercise but love to dance, Zumba is for you. The fun atmosphere makes you forget you are working out and getting fit. Typically, even those with two left feet have fun as of the 1st song. $8/session

Align Adult Ed Yoga

Join us as we strengthen, lengthen, relax and rejuvenate the body through a four week yoga series.  Meeting once weekly, this series will focus both on yoking the movement of our body with our breath as we flow gracefully through alignment based vinyasa flow and encourage flexibility and length as we stretch deep into our connective tissue with yin yoga.  Vinyasa is the practice of combining breath and movement; in a typical practice, we place our intention on our breath, taking full advantage of our movements and our inhalations and exhalations as we move in and out of postures.  Yin yoga is the practice of finding stillness in postures for extended amounts of time for an intense and powerful stretch. Both practices when appropriately combined, can be a wonderful compliment to one another as we are constantly striving for balance in our increasingly busy lives  Stretch deeply, then move the spine in all directions!.  Open and available to all age levels and abilities.
Monday 11/2, 11/9, 11/16, 11/23.  $8/ Class

Sculpture Workshop 

A three session sculpture workshop will be taught by Bozeman and nationally recognized artist, OttJones.  This comprehensive workshop will cover animal sculpture in depth and is offered to sculptors of any skill level.  Various topics that will be discussed include idea development, research, anatomy, composition, design, and armature.  Students will create and finish a clay sculpture by the end of the workshop. 

The workshop dates are January19, 20, 21 at Monforton School from 6 - 8:30 pm.  The price is $175, which includes armature supplies and clay.

Essential Oils 101:  

Using essential oils can be a safe, natural option to protect and maintain your and your family's health. Come learn about natural wellness products for a customizable health and beauty routine that's right for you. 
November 10, 7 pm

Fly Tying w/ Gary Jones

Financial Scams and Fraud Class

Join the Gallatin County Sheriff's Department to learn how to protect yourself from Financial Scams and Fraud.  This class will be focused on protecting elderly, but will have beneficial information for all participants.
Thursday November 5th.
7:00 pm


Learn to Speak Basic Spanish

 Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8:00pm for a duration of four weeks starting January 13th. (Jan. 13, 20, 27, Feb 3). The cost is $35 per person for the four-week class.

Class content will cover basic greetings, common/everyday phrases, telling time, travel phrases, location/place vocabulary, and phrases for ordering food in a Mexican restaurant. Each week we'll explore and practice "survival" vocabulary within these topics. On the last night of class, we'll wrap-up by putting our Spanish to use while ordering food and dining at a local Mexican Restaurant (meal to be paid for by student).




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